• Personal priorities in order. For me, it is God, husband, kids, then my job. It took me years, and giving up certain things, and career paths, that I make a lot less money at, to be in a position to make my own hours. I did this so, that I am able to keep my home a certain way, organized, clean, and pretty. Also, so I can cook several meals, and run to and fro for kid events. Then I do my job outside the home. When my home systems start falling apart, I know I have been working too much, and I adjust that. Sometimes it is lack of government in your life. Oh boy, did that have to grow and change in me! I have always been busy, and a hard worker. But so many years, I had nothing to show for it. Just spinning wheels. And I was not a joyful person. I dealt with depression, but didn’t realise it, or admit it. I was a christian, so that couldn’t be so. I was proud and deceived. I need to do a whole blog post on that one. I was delivered from that, without medicine. It was not instant, and it took a couple of years of work!  Do I think you should not use medicine? I think medicine can be a bridge, and a life line. But, it can also mask the root of the cause. I wanted the root gone. And I wanted to be free! You may be saying, I can’t afford to quit this or that. If you ask, and cry out to God, to make a way, and it is to increase your relationship with him, and better serve your family. He will show you the path, and how to get there. But guess what, it may take some serious heart work, along the way. But I am living in joy, and freedom. There is hope. It wont be easy, but it will be worth it!
  • Pray, listen, plan, repeat.
  • Research, educate, & meditate on what it takes to do this successfully.
  • Set boundaries for the business, ones that will keep your personal priorities right. For example, I am in a coaching group with Jennifer Allwood. I love what she said, “Build your business around your life, not your life around your business.” For me, this is the right order. So I have prospered when I keep it that way. When you are not prospering, time to get to the root and get back on the path, that is a road sign.
  • Start doing. Sometimes I don’t start things, because I want everything to be perfect. Or a certain image portrayed. Well, that can be pride. Also,  perfectionist tend to be procrastinators. Or control freaks. Or you try to do everything yourself. These are selfish, non prosperous heart issues, and excuses. Maybe it is fear. Get that taken care of. I have dealt with all these things myself. Other personalities, could list a whole lot of other things. I am not saying do sloppy stuff all the time. Have a standard of excellence, but as my pastor says, “Get your heart in it, or get out of the way!” Just get going on the process, whatever small, slow part that may be!

Now, to my new side hustle adventure. I have found two other ladies, with the same interest, and skills, to team up with in our business goal. We all love to decorate and organize. We will do businesses, homes, and any space that needs order, function, and beauty. We each, for years have wanted to do this as our main job. We all have something different to add to the table. This will help us to be able to serve the clients in a broader spectrum. I never wanted to do this solo. Two are better than one, and a three cord strand is not easily broken. We are having our first actual meeting on February 20. We will hash out the nuts and bolts, of our services to be offered, and pricing. We will set a tentative date to launch, and there are things that legally need to be secured ect…

There are very few people offering these services in this area. The market is wide open. Yes, these services are a luxury, and not a necessity. But I hope to help open up, the possibility to people, that this is a service that is so worth using. My facebook  page is, Decorizing your life. My content is full of ideas, and inspiration, to help with home, and everyday tips for the daily things of life. As someone who works for a family business, doing what needs to be done, is not a one man show! I have learned the value of teaming up, and hiring good help. We have a service that can really change things for people’s lives. I want to hear what the client needs, make a plan that fits where they are at, and where they are going. Then go in, and get it done fast and with excellence. I don’t have time to mess around. And I want to give them more than their monies worth!

So, I will keep popping in here to update you on this journey. This is in the baby stages. Although, this has been brewing for years. I have been in “training for a long, long, time!

In the past styling hair, and then my other business of flipping furniture. It was a one man show. I had no vision of growing enough, that I could hire help. Then I had a light bulb moment. If I have a successful business, one that got big enough, that I needed to hire help. I would be giving someone else a great place to work. I would also be able to serve more people with my product and service. We have to look up from our little field we are working in, and enlarge your tent stakes.See beyond your self.

We should have enough to bless someone else. That is why God wants to increase us, not to just have enough to get by. But enough to pour out to others!



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