So my first blog post is inspired by organizing and our great country!! I am telling you, I love order, but this was to the extreme. I was fascinated to see how the Airforce boot camp barracks living quarters function. See the picture below of the bed. If the paper tucked into your bed, was missing when you got back, something was off a molecule! There would be consequences.

This is Airman Collin Roy Kourt. He is my stepson. He graduated high school in May 2017. He just graduated from Airforce boot camp January 5th, 2018. This was his plan for a few years. He would not look left or right. This was his only plan!!!! Many would try to have him, have options, in case he could not get in. And yes, there were delays in getting accepted. But he was unmoved.

We got to see the graduation ceremonies in San Antonio Texas. It was one of the most moving events I have ever been to. I was not expecting to be changed, or emotional, but I was. As much as I was watching Collin do his thing. I was watching the look on a fathers face, as he was seeing his son increased. That got me, and I won’t try to describe it any more than that, because it was more than words to me. It opened up such a deep respect for the individuals, who chose this path. They commit to giving everything about themselves, even the possibility of their lives, to serve and protect us, our freedom, and America. The honor they walk in, causes honor to rise up. My son in law pointed out, how before the ceremonies started, they announced, “You will honor the flag.” If we don’t have honor showing in our life, we are weak in all that we do. That was felt all over that base camp. It made you want to walk in that, not just be told or made to.

I always felt gratitude for the military before and was in awe of the people who are called into that vocation. But, I must say it goes to a deeper place, when it is someone you love walking this out. He will be serving in South Korea soon, for around 18 months. I am so happy to get to see, the little, quiet six-year-old, I first met, transform into a man, worthy of the call!


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