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I thought I’d just give you some sander tips! I’ll start by saying that I LOVE wet distressing. Heard about it for years, but wasn’t sure about it. It’s where you use a chalk or clay based paint. You put the first layer on and still do it while it’s still kinda wet, or let it dry a little bit. You have a few hours window before it’s too hard to wet distress. You can just take a wet cloth and literally just wipe off where you want to make the distressed look. I always keep another dry or clean cloth and kinda go back over because it will look cloudy. If you do it, you’ll know what I mean!

Okay, so I had my girls paint a couple chairs, and we went past the window of opportunity to wet distress. Like days. So, I’m sanding! And let me tell ya I’m spoiled…. Once you start wet distressing you won’t want to go back to sanding.

So you can do it just with a sanding block, and can even wet distress with a sanding block. But I personally think it’s a lot more work. So I used an electric sander. I really like the little “mouse” sander that is like a triangle which are nice to get in-between the grooves, but that was at a different location than when I did these chairs, so I just used a circular one I had on hand. It has a dial to go slower or faster which is more of an investment, but this is good for this because sometimes you want more force to take things off really hard, but then you don’t want to sand too much where you go past the wood stain or your base color. I used fine grit sand paper because I didn’t want to go past my wood stain.

Another thing with electric sanders…. even if it says it doesn’t, it will, you’ll get those little squirrelly curly-dos. And it cracks me up everytime us DIY people say stuff like “I want it to look natural”. It’s not gonna look natural, but little swirly-dos really don’t look natural. If you do have that, you can work them out with a sanding block. So electric is nice, but you don’t have to have it! There is another level of sand paper called Gator and it’s more expensive. At first I was like I’m not paying that, it’s too expensive! …They last longer. So if you do this a lot, get the Gator brand. It really does help.

Another tip about sanding…. I just did aqua chairs, and I had to switch sand paper because I got the aqua color on my soft pink chair!

Also, you need to wear a mask, bandanna, or something because my allergies when sanding… whew. It is loud, noisy work. But it’s so worth it! I love to pick up pieces at garage sales and they can be hideous colors, and some people are like oh my gosh, that’s hideous and I’m like yes! Base color already done! So if you can pick up some things that already have a color even if you don’t like it, once you paint your chalk paint, and then distress it, it will look great! If you’re doing your base coat yourself, and then doing another color, you have to let the base coat cure, wait a couple of days if you don’t want that to go away when you go to distress. Or else when you go to distress and it’s still wet, you can go way back down to your base color. I like the base color to show and the wood to show…. so it kind depends on what you are doing.

This video shows me sanding the backside of the soft pink chair! Any dates mentioned in video are out of date! Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

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