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Hi there!! I transferred a Bohemian border onto a piece that I had already painted with my chalk/clay paint and just wanted to show you how easy and cool this is!

I love these transfers! And this border has all my colors! Red, yellow, green, blue, so many. It just hit me that this is what I need to do! Now, I have not waxed this piece of furniture yet because I was going to do this border… you don’t want to wax before you put a transfer on. It can have a polyurethane finish before but not wax!

You can go and cut off any part of this border and use it on something else if you like some of it but not all of it. You can layer them and also use molds… so many options!

This border is one of the IOD smaller transfers. They have all different sizes and are really fun. So I grabbed some scissors and trimmed off part of the border so I could use it on my narrow headboard. You then pull off the front clear plastic piece and without touching the color part, I used painters tape to hold the border up on the headboard. I measured just roughly to make sure I was somewhat centered from each edge. Then take your stick that comes with your transfer, and literally you just scrape the design onto what you are doing! This is the fun part! Once you are getting it on there, your paper will start getting somewhat translucent. Leave it taped throughout the whole process, but I left the bottom open so I can lift it and check it, but it still stays in place.

It takes a little time, and muscle depending on how much you do, but so worth it! Some of these transfers come black and white and you can paint them after you put them on!

Check out the video below to see it all in action! Any dates mentioned in video are out of date! Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

Thanks for watchin!


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