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I used the Typesetting Stamps from Iron Orchid on a tea towel. It has the upper case, lower case, and numbers in this set. I wanted to try their ink today! I mostly use clay paint. This is a little more translucent and I really like it! It’s a little more forgiving. They even have a washable white and gray, so you can do like chalk boards and erase them, and do it again!

 What I did was use their stamper, take the lid off, shake up the ink up, and pour it on there. That’s for the first time fill up. And use a popsicle stick and kinda slide over and push the ink down. And then just a small tip, touch the ink and then touch the back of your stamper so you can keep track of your colors when they are close, like black and blue.

This ink pad is really nice for the smaller stamps! You could also just do the brayer or high density roller. That’s all I ever did before this! This company now has the thin mounts you put the letters on with grids. It makes me look like I know how to get things level and straight! It’s really, really helpful. Also, after doing this stamp on fabric, you have to heat press it with an iron or high heat with a dryer to kind of set, so the first time you wash it it doesn’t go crazy.

Okay so you pick out your letters and place them on your piece clean and dry exactly where you want them on your fabric. You have to have the mount side facing up, and then place your mount on top to “pick them up”. Make sure your letters and mount are free from dust, or else the letters can fall off and mess up your design. Then, you take your little ink tray and just dab on each of the letters…. not too hard to get too much and make some bleed on your fabric. So after you cover all your letters, flip the mount over and place on the fabric where you want it and gently lay it down and don’t shift it! It’s a little different with fabric but you will get the hang of it though! These typesetting stamps are one of their best sellers, and I can see why. You can just personalize so many things. You can say things on there that are funny to your family that are inside joke type things.

So don’t press too hard, but make sure you go over all of it. Then, lift the mount up, and you’re done! Besides the heat set so it doesn’t fade. I love this Iron Orchid product. I’m so excited about carrying this! Like always, you can do all different colors for different letters or words.

Any dates mentioned in video are out of date! Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

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